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Welcome to Teflpedia!
A wiki for the English-teaching community to share knowledge

About Teflpedia

Teflpedia is a wiki dedicated to everything associated with teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) or second language (TESL). Our objective is to become a major user-generated resource for English teachers from all over the world. We opened our doors on 27th May 2008 and we've been growing ever since.

We welcome input from all those involved in or interested in the subject of English and English language teaching.

See Community standards and Newcomer's guide.

Featured articles

Our featured articles are presently:

  • Create a topical class. This article tells you how to use various resources available on the web to create a first-rate class.

What's in it for me?

You could:

  1. Have a look at our list of websites that provide free lessons - they may help you with your next lesson.
  2. Sign in, create a userpage and use it to advertise yourself. Teflpedia allows discrete use of self-promotion on your own userpage.
  3. Upload a lesson of yours to show the world your creative abilities.
  4. Learn how to edit a wiki - Wikis are growing in popularity, and this is an excellent place to learn wiki-editing skills.
  5. Contribute to the growth of something new and be involved in this in its earlier years.
  6. Write an article about something you've recently learnt - a good way to make sure you have learnt or understood something is to write an article about it and get it peer-reviewed.
  7. Teflpedia has articles which include advice for new teachers.
  8. For the most experienced teachers out there, i.e. those of you who have been there, seen it and done it all - yes, you know who you are - Teflpedia serves as a quick reference providing useful links to an almost infinite number of resources and dedicated websites available on internet. You'll find tried-and-tested ideas for warmers, wordlists, pronunciation exercises, and the odd cultural aspect of the UK or the US that you might develop for use in class, among other interesting stuff.
  9. Participate in our ongoing debates.
  10. Pop into our teachers' room to get feedback on any ideas, concerns or just for that friendly chat over a cuppa.
  11. Bend wills in a Debate:

What is a wiki?

You're reading a wiki now. It is a repository of knowledge which can be edited by anybody—including you. The most famous wiki is, of course, Wikipedia, but there are many others. This kind of collaborative venture has proved to be amazingly successful, not least because it allows us all to add a bit of knowledge to the common good.

Why use a wiki? A wiki has an advantage over a newsgroup or a forum—the wiki is continually improved and updated. In contrast, a forum may briefly excite a huge amount of passionate interest with the consequence that it will wander to untenable length and finally be unusable.

I've got a question. You're welcome to raise Teflpedia-related matters in the Teachers' room.

Great! I want to edit Teflpedia

Don't worry if you've never edited a wiki before—it's easy

  • Or play in the Sandbox—you won't break anything

How can I explore Teflpedia?

  • Type a topic into the Search box at top—if an article doesn't exist yet on your topic you can create one from there, too

Namespaces keep the encyclopaedia content separate from the opinion content.

Main namespace has articles on all aspects of teaching English including: language learning activities, definitions, methodology, grammar, phonetics, TEFL qualifications, teaching in different countries, reviews etc. (see Contents).

Lesson namespace has specific lessons. You're welcome to print these and use them in class. You may later come back to edit these or create variations or entire new lessons based on your classroom experience.

Essay namespace is for you to write up your personal experiences, personal thoughts about teaching, advice to new teachers or simply moan about something. Articles in Essay namespace are for sole authorship—each essay is edited only by the user who created it. However, other users are welcome to comment about an essay on its talk page, or to create their own essays on another page.

Debate namespace is for... debating! Is there a hot topic you want to discuss? Start a debate! Several debates have already started and request your contestable point of view!

more » Namespaces


By hitting "Save page" you accept the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike 3.0 licence. You are free to use any material in class, but any material copied from this site and used elsewhere on the net should be credited to this site.


On June 2012 Teflpedia was named Teflnet Site of the Month by