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A warmer is a short task or drill, which teachers typically use at the start of a lesson. Sometimes a warmer is used to introduce a topic to a class and activate existing vocabulary; on other occasions it is simply used to get the class thinking in English. While the activities listed here are of the second type many of them could also be easily adapted to introduce a topical class as well.

The importance of warmers cannot be over-emphasized. They are essential, among other things, for revision, student motivation and - in some cases - for keeping the class active whilst waiting for latecomers to arrive.

The essence of a warmer is that it's a quick activity aimed at getting the students "primed" for the lesson. Depending on the level of the students, some of the activities listed below could sometimes be better suited as a class activity rather than a warmer.

Types of warmers[edit]


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Finding other students[edit]

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Stories and sentence creation[edit]

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