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Teflpedia has the following namespaces:

Main is the default namespace. Pages names without colons in them are in the Main namespace which is for encyclopedic articles.

Help: for site help. Eg Help:Editing

Teflpedia: for pages about the Teflpedia project. Eg Teflpedia:Teachers' room

Debate: for debating!

Lesson: for lesson materials and ideas

Essay: for single author essays. If you want to be the only author of a page and have no collaborative help from others you can begin the page name with Essay:"Title of your essay here". Alternatively, you can make a page a subpage of your User page.

User: for user pages. Eg User:Bob M is Bob M's page where among other things he can introduce himself to other Teflpedians (and the world at large; there is no private space on Teflpedia). Subpages of User:Bob M are all Bob's own workspace (but they are not private), eg User:Bob M/Intermediate Conversation, Lesson 5 (red in this example because he has not created that page)

Template: for content that will appear on more than one page or be used as boiler plate text. See Help:Template

MediaWiki: for site interface text. Eg MediaWiki:Sidebar, MediaWiki:Sitenotice and MediaWiki:Anonnotice

Category: for category pages. See Help:Editing#Categories

Talk (Discussion) pages[edit]

Each namespace has a corresponding Talk namespace for editorial discussion of page content. When you add something on a Talk page, please end (sign) with"--~~~~" (or click the Signature button, second from right at top of edit box). This helps us know each other.

Talk: for discussing Main pages. Eg Talk:Grammar is for editors to discuss the writing of the Grammar page.

User talk: for talking to individual users. Eg User talk:Bob M is for talking to Bob M.

Help talk: for discussing Help pages. Eg Help talk:Editing is for talking about the writing of the page Help:Editing.


Click the Discussion tab at top of any page to see it's talk page.

Special: pages[edit]

Special: pages (Special:RecentChanges, Special:MultiCategorySearch, Special:Search, Special:Preferences, etc.) have no talk pages. Discuss them, indeed anything you have a question about, on Help:Support.

See also[edit]

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