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What is copyright?[edit]

In essence copyright is about the ownership of original works. Such an original work may take differing forms including - but not limited to - text, audio recordings, images, computer software, films and music. Nowadays, in almost all jurisdictions, copyright comes into existence immediately upon creation of the original work; the author does not need to make any special provision in order for them to have copyright protection. The copyright owner may licence the work for use by third parties.

Copyright continues to exist for decades after the death of the original author. The exact period of time depends on the jurisdiction.

For information on how copyright affects English language teaching, and under what circumstances teachers may be exempt, see Copyright in English language teaching.

TeflPedia copyright[edit]

TeflPedia uses the "Creative Commons" license. You may freely use any material included in the wiki in class.

Full details of our copyright policy may be found at Teflpedia:Copyright.

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