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These are Teflpedia's conversation questions by subject for use in class. Our article "conversation questions" has further suggestions for using these in class, along with links to other sites on the web where ESL conversation questions and ESL conversation topics may be found.

Although we have all types of ESL discussion topics at Teflpedia, many of our conversation questions will need quite advanced English skills.

If you find the questions, or anything else on the site, useful or interesting, or if you disagree with something, please let us know at the teacher's room.

You are encouraged to add your own questions and to correct any grammar or spelling gaffes that you spot; nobody's perfect and we're certainly not. If you are unsure about editing wikis there is information in the "help" box to the left, or read this article: Help:Editing

Bear in mind that the aim is to get students talking, not just to answer yes or no to the questions, even when those questions are polar questions, and there won't be any "right" or "wrong" answers. Although the format may look like a questionnaire, the idea is that the questions are mere prompts/cues for meaningful communication and should not just be "ticked off" in rapid succession. Likewise, (possibly) depending on the level of the students, you may consider drawing up further questions to existing conversation questions and even creating a whole new page of conversation questions as a class activity.

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